How We Select Properties

property searchHow does Empire select investment property?

We only recommend projects that we know represent exceptional value
and long term returns. Property that meets all of our standards is rare, but
these features are essential for any property to offer minimum risk and sound
capital growth for our clients.

 The following is a summary of our selection criteria:

  • Location, Position and Potential for growth.
  • Close to public transport such as: trains, buses, main roads with easy access to freeways?
  • Close to public and private schools including: childcare, primary, secondary and universities?
  • Close to shops and major shopping centres?
  • Close to medical facilities such as doctors, specialists, chemists, medical centers and hospitals?
  • Close to recreational facilities such as: parks, clubs, community centres, golf courses and swimming
  • pools?
  • Has a lifestyle environment with suitable landscaping, topography, cleanliness and design?


We analyse local demographics such as:

  • Population and potential for future growth.
  • The demand for accommodation in the area.
  • Local industry and employment opportunities.
  • The current household structure –i.e. single, couple, couples with children.


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